Initial revision of KDE 4.1 schedule available on Techbase

Dirk Mueller mueller at
Wed Feb 13 02:01:10 CET 2008

On Saturday 26 January 2008, Matt Rogers wrote:

> I've posted a new schedule on
> that should work as the nearly final release schedule.
> Feedback is appreciated.

I have a couple of questions: 

a) "Binary compatibility is not required". what do you mean by that? you're 
saying that newly added features do not have to be binary compatible? you're 
saying that binary incompatible changes are allowed in kdelibs?

b) Why a hard feature freeze for alpha1, e.g. before any user announced 
release? that doesn't make sense. we should have alpha releases that attract 
user attention and be able to react to the feedback, which often means 
changing or implementing new features. imho the feature freeze shouldn't be 
before beta1 or beta2. 

c) Why a message freeze before beta1? bugfixes often require message changes. 

d) it is still a mis-aligned schedule, however I'm not going to complai too 
loudly about it given that it might slip by one month and then be aligned :)

e) I like the no-new-artwork freeze. 


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