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Michael Pyne mpyne at purinchu.net
Tue Aug 26 22:12:38 CEST 2008

On Tuesday 26 August 2008, Allen Winter wrote:
> On Tuesday 26 August 2008 11:54:34 Cyrille Berger wrote:
> > On Tuesday 26 August 2008, Allen Winter wrote:
> > > So maybe they need put up a website with tarballs.  Or maybe
> > > they need to tells to use the version in branch.  Or maybe their
> > > API matures over the years and it doesn't become such a big deal.
> > > etc.
> >
> > For people taking stuff from svn, for instance kdesvn users, couldn't
> > there be a kdesupport tag of what is good to use with kde ?
> yes, and the tags already exists for akonadi, decibel, kdewin-installer,
> phonon, qca, soprano, strigi, taglib ...
> We just need to start using the tags consistently and enforce them.

If we intend to make it easy to say "this is the kdesupport for kdesvn-build 
users" then we need to copy those tags into a super-tag or something.

i.e. /tags/kdesupport/latest-release would have cherry-picked subdirs of the 
latest phonon, strigi, qca, etc. releases from their appropriate tag or 
branch.  As new releases occur the tag could be updated as well.

> For example, shouldn't Strigi 0.6.0 be tagged?  and shouldn't that
> be the version compiled by the kdesvn-build scripts?

Any release should be tagged.  kdesvn-build right now defaults to trunk on 
everything, changing that wouldn't be too difficult but would require a new 
version of kdesvn-build.  But if you want to go that route let me know so I 
can make a HOWTO bump kdesvn-build default modules type thing in case this 
occurs while I'm away.

I guess another alternative is a file in SVN that kdesvn-build could parse for 
the revision/branch to build by default if there's no conf file.  But I don't 
think I'll have time to write that code until 2009...

 - Michael Pyne
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