KDE 3.5.final?

Mark Constable markc at renta.net
Thu Aug 21 17:32:51 CEST 2008

On Thu, 21 Aug 2008 10:24:13 pm Allen Winter wrote:
> > To state it more explicit: 3.5.10 is the last KDE 3.5 release. I had to fix
> > two modules to even compile before I could tag it and I have _heavy_ doubts
> > about the testing that the branch sees. And the less it's used, the more 
> > likely we'll see large changes breaking things for a small group - that would
> > have been served better with leaving everything as it is.
> Can we discuss this decision a little?
> Apparently some core devs think we shouldn't put an end to the 3.5 series just yet.

Once 3.5.10 is released I intend to pull a copy into a Git repo
and offer public accounts to anyone who wants to keep tinkering
with it. I'll also build Archlinux binary packages every few months
until, at least, KDE4 completely emulates the KDE3 desktop. FWIW.


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