Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Wed Apr 30 04:26:54 CEST 2008


Sebas' "Alpha1" announcement on the Dot [1] promises KDE-PIM
as part of the 4.1 release.

I have strong doubts about this.  We need to discuss.

There are several apps (KPilot, KMobileTools, KitchenSync,..)
that haven't been touched for a long time.  And other
apps that are still a long way from being releasable.
And another set (KMailCVT, Korn, ..) that I really have
no idea about their status.

One idea is to eliminate kdepim and move any of the apps
that people still care about and actively maintain to extragear.

Certainly, it is time for a review of what we have and what
we need to jettison into unmaintained.  But, more importantly,
I simply don't see the our flagship apps being ready
in the next couple months.

Thoughts or comments?


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