Tagging beta 3.

Aaron J. Seigo aseigo at kde.org
Tue Sep 25 19:52:36 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 25 September 2007, Tom Albers wrote:
> Op ma 24 sep 2007 23:22 schreef u:
> Do you happen to know who I can talk to about alt-tab?

kwin people

> > beyond plasma land, i would -really- like to be able to tag extragear
> > apps as well. so IF we do tag a beta3, i would personally like to help
> > tag some of extragear; kdegraphics at a *bare* minimum. please let me
> > know how to coordinate that with you.
> The stuff I moved out kdeaddons needs to be released regularry as well, is
> there a wiki page for that to add those to? I'll ask Helio.

Helio is in Africa for the next couple months and not overly available. that 
said, i don't know of a wiki page for this, however AFAIK the plan was this: 
we'd create a (moving) tag that app authors could apply to their app for the 
last given stable release which we'd then release...

this is obviously problematic for beta releases of kde since there wouldn't be 
a stable release =) seems we do need to just track which apps to release 
betas for. perhaps a techbase Projects page would work for this, or perhaps 
some other svn strategy?

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