Tagging beta 3.

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Tue Sep 25 19:33:39 CEST 2007

Op ma 24 sep 2007 23:22 schreef u:
> i could go as simple as porting the kicker kmenu in all it's crapitude (it's 
> the easiest thing to do, but would be dissapointing).

Yes very. 

> also, alt-tab has NOTHING to do with plasma. so don't go blaming plasma for 
> that ;)

You are right. Sorry if I gave the impression that I blamed it all on Plasma. It was just the global state of KDE4 which I wanted to discuss.

Do you happen to know who I can talk to about alt-tab?

> as for the applets crashing, backtraces would be nice. be sure you've actually 
> rebuilt them, of course, as the API for libplasma still changes from time to 
> time requiring applets written in C++ to be rebuilt...

Ok, I will try again next weekend.

> beyond plasma land, i would -really- like to be able to tag extragear apps as 
> well. so IF we do tag a beta3, i would personally like to help tag some of 
> extragear; kdegraphics at a *bare* minimum. please let me know how to 
> coordinate that with you.

The stuff I moved out kdeaddons needs to be released regularry as well, is there a wiki page for that to add those to? I'll ask Helio.


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