Tagging beta 3.

Cyrille Berger cberger at cberger.net
Sun Sep 23 20:01:57 CEST 2007


> I just wanted to let you know that currently there is no panel and no start
> menu. That means everything has to be done by krunner. A lot of plasma
> applets I tried made plasma crash and alt-tab was barely usable. I know
> kde4 is about much more that plasma, but the user experience is currently
> not very good. In my opinion it would be a mistake to tag KDE in this
> state. And I'm almost crying when I say this.
Yes I agree with you, for next beta having a menu to launch other KDE4 
applications is a must have.

And about KDE4 is much more that plasma, it's also the only thing an user 
might be able to test if he doesn't have the sense to right-click on the 
desktop. My first attempt to run KDE4 desktop was with last beta, and at 
first I couldn't find how to launch application, so I just played with a few 
applets and that's all. Last week I tried again (with my own build), that's 
only then I found out that right click on the desktop allows me to run an 
application (I know that's also the case in KDE3, but I never use kdesktop's 
popup menu). So, I wonder how many people try KDE4's beta and didn't know how 
to launch applications, and just played with plasma (and probably found it 
nice), and so couldn't even try other applications (which is a shame as quiet 
a few are nearly ready, I am thinking kdegames and kdeedu).

Cyrille Berger

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