Tagging beta 3.

Mario Fux foxman at lugo.ch
Sun Sep 23 18:58:55 CEST 2007

Am Sonntag, 23. September 2007 14:31 schrieb Tom Albers:
> Hi,

Good morning

I'm lurking on this list since some time (approx. March this year) and several 
other KDE lists and I think that my overview over your release and tagging 
process is not that bad and hope the following will be seen as constructive 
criticism (considering my bad english as well ;-). I appreciate your work 
very much and if you think I'm too harsh or something like this, just ignore 

> In an effort to see how things look just before the tagging (beta 3 is
> planned to be tagged the 26th), I checked out and build KDE4.
> I just wanted to let you know that currently there is no panel and no start
> menu. That means everything has to be done by krunner. A lot of plasma
> applets I tried made plasma crash and alt-tab was barely usable. I know
> kde4 is about much more that plasma, but the user experience is currently
> not very good. In my opinion it would be a mistake to tag KDE in this
> state. And I'm almost crying when I say this.

There are always the same or similar things before a release. Some particular 
things which are needed don't work. It's recognized here on this list but 
seldomly communicated to the corresponding project or its mailinglist 

I think there should from time to time some better and more coordinated 
communication which means e.g. for this case the you (we) communicate this 
problem to the Plasma project and see what they think about it and what they 
can do to solve "our" problem.

As you see I sometimes wrote "we" or "our" which means that I would be willing 
and like to help in this particular communication work. I'm subscribed to the 
following mailinglist which I think I can estimate the current status of 
these projects:
- kde-announce
- kde-core-devel (don't have a full overview)
- kde-devel (same as above)
- kde-edu (more or less overview)
- kde-hardware-devel (overview, atm low traffic)
- kde-multimedia (overview, atm low traffic)
- kde-pim (more or less overview)
- kde-promo (more or less overview)
- kde-quality (more or less overview)
- kde-release-team (overview)
- kde-windows (more or less overview)
- kfm-devel (more or less overview)
- koffice-devel (more or less overview)
- panel-devel (plasma, more or less overview)

In general I think I have a quite good overview over the current project state 
even if it's quite superficial (and not that technical).

So if you think I could help anywhere in the communication and coordination 
process I'd love to help and so finally me whole "kde mailinglist 
subscription fullness" would be of any use ;-).

My first work could be the communication with the plasma project about what 
they think of the panel and kmenu stuff.

> Best,
> Toma

Griits from Switzerland and thanks for everything

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