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Pradeepto Bhattacharya pradeeptob at
Mon Sep 3 04:57:08 CEST 2007


On 9/3/07, Allen Winter <winter at> wrote:
> There are several issues:
>  1) people with limited experience trying to fix non-trivial stuff and making things worse
>  2) people fixing trivial stuff which causes lots of extra recompiles
>  3) people getting their hands in places they don't belong
> All this causes slower development and unnecessary frustration, perhaps at the cost
> of "quality"; but, maybe a .0 release isn't the time to be focusing on fine polishing.
> I don't want to hurt the project.  Doctor, do no harm.
> We can revisit the issue for the point-releases.

             Maybe, just maybe you can turn off some tests and keep
the others running instead of this blanket shutdown of all tests ,
non? I mean, I am sure we can arrive at an consensus of which tests
are important for the long run of the project and important even for
our short term goals. Say for e.g. (imho), typo checks are not exactly
something very critical, right?

              So maybe people come to common ground here and decide
which Krazy tests can be suspended temporarily and which can run.


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