Release dates/nomenclature

Allen Winter winter at
Sat Sep 1 23:29:40 CEST 2007

On Saturday 01 September 2007 11:45:07 am Thomas Zander wrote:
> On Saturday 01 September 2007 17:30:34 Matt Rogers wrote:
> > That's no different than what we have now. The problem is that people
> > seem to be too interested in fixing Krazy issues rather than fixing
> > actual bugs. How do you propose we get them interested in fixing real
> > bugs?
> Stop running the not-so-interresting krazy tests? ;)
We can pull the plug on the EBN entirely.
I don't think that will help get bugs fixed, but at least
it will reduce the number unneeded re-compiles.

I had no idea Krazy/EBN was doing such so harm to the project.
That was not the intention.


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