Release dates/nomenclature -- Revised proposal

Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Sat Sep 1 15:57:57 CEST 2007

On Saturday 01 September 2007 12:28:31 Kevin Ottens wrote:
> > So let's aim for a release on my mother's birthday, 13th December.
> I vote for 6th December, it's my father birthday.

That would be the tagging date then :-)

How about this, then. It's mainly what Dirk and Allen proposed.

Thursday, 6 September: Release Beta2 (already tagged)

September 24, 2007: Tagging Beta3 (This is a Monday, does that make sense?)
October 2 2007: Release Beta3

October 22, 2007: Tagging Beta4 (Again, a Monday)
October 30 2007: Release Beta4 (Beta4 is only 2 weeks long)

November 5, 2007: Total Release Freeze (a Monday)

November 13 2007: Tagging Release Candidate 1 (move closer to the freeze?)
November 20 2007: Release Release Candidate 1

November 21 2007: Tagging Release Candidate 2 (to close to -rc1?)
November 27 2007: Release Release Candidate 2

December 6  2007: Tagging final Release
December 13 2007: Targeted Release Date

* We should probably move the tagging and release for the following betas 
  closer to each other, maybe tagging on Fridays, releasing on Tuesdays? Is 
  that doable for testing and packaging?

* Should we move tagging away from Monday? Or when will we suspend the BIC 
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