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Sat Sep 1 02:49:05 CEST 2007

On Saturday 01 September 2007 02:31:56 Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Friday, 31. August 2007, Allen Winter wrote:
> > > OK, I'll do some date-squeezing and move things back two weeks.
> > > How does December 12th sound?
> >
> > Countering my proprosal, how about Dec 6?
> > We can make the Beta4 only 2 weeks long.
> what is part of the December release (12th or 6th doesn't count)?
> I think if we delay the KDE "desktop" release into december (which I agree
> with), then we should release libs earlier. I think it is possible to
> release the libs by the end of october like planned.

+1. Sounds very good, also from my POV. I do not have much insight how 
realistic this is for kdelibs, I'll leave that to you.

> This is a much more important topic than juggling tagging dates around. If
> we continue like that, we loose the bugfixers because there is no point in
> fixing KDE3.x bugs anymore, and we loose the app code monkeys, because
> there is no foundation they could base their work on.

We should also have a collection of things we need fixed before the release, 
that makes it easier for people to pick something up and it gives a better 
idea of our progress. I think Allen has such a list for PIM, that'd be a good 
start, Dirk's "fix kmail and konversation" are another two points. A "KDE 4.0 
showstopper list on bugzilla would already do, or maybe a collection on 
techbase. There is also the todo file on (which should 
probably move to techbase anyway). 

Short term goal would be to make it less painful to run KDE, so more people 
are above the threshold and start fixing things they run into. 
I heard KDE oldies calling that "Release Mode".
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