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Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Sat Sep 1 00:28:52 CEST 2007

On Friday 31 August 2007 19:17:31 Allen Winter wrote:
> Countering my proprosal, how about Dec 6?
> We can make the Beta4 only 2 weeks long.

That makes it possible to release before the christmas vacation of others as 
well. End of December is about the worst release date I could think of, so 
I'm glad Dirk is not available then. :-)

So let's aim for a release on my mother's birthday, 13th December. 

It seems we already made the press with the earlier state of things, what 
strikes me is that everyone takes the tagging dates as release dates, leading 
to confusion. This list and core-devel are also followed quite closely by 
journalists, so please make clear in your emails what the release date then 
would be.
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