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On Tuesday 23 October 2007, Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> On Monday 22 October 2007, Allen Winter wrote:
> > But, for definition purposes we should include extragear in the
> > Applications definition
> Wasn't one of the main points of extragear to give applications a home
> which aren't on the same release schedule as "core" KDE?

(cut and paste from an email i sent in early october to another list):

we'd like to allow developers in extragear to be able to opt in to having time 
coordinated releases with the core kde modules (dev platform + workspace + 
core apps). the apps that opt in will have their last stable release included 
as tarballs alongside the main kde releases.


- to allow people to work on apps outside of the modules without being 
required to do their own release maintenance
- to give greater exposure for apps in extragear (outside of a few apps like 
amarok, most people pay orders of magnitude more attention to kde releases 
than extragear app releases)
- to emphasize the variety of apps written using the KDE dev platform
- to give extragear apps access to packaging on platforms they might otherwise 
not get (e.g. BSD, Solaris, MacOS, Win32...)

this does not mean:

- that the apps have to coordinate their release cycle with the KDE dev 
platform releases (we simply ship the last stable release of the extragear 
app, whenever that was ... the maintainers get to pick what that means by use 
of a tag)
- that an app in extragear MUST be released in this fashion (it's opt in)
- that an app in extragear can not do its own releases as well (in fact, that 
is encouraged for a faster devel cycle that more naturally fits your needs)

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