[Kde-pim] Make KDE PIM 4 installable in parallel to KDE PIM 3

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Sun Oct 21 14:48:23 CEST 2007

On Saturday 20 October 2007 10:33:33 pm Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> I was wondering, if it would make sense to make KDE PIM 4 installable in 
> parallel to KDE PIM 3. KDE PIM and especially KMail are applications which 
> users expect to be rock-solid, so there might be some users who are not 
> comforable with switching to KDE PIM 4 with the 4.0 release, but still might 
> want to be able to try it out or switch for some applications.
> What would that involve?
> - Appending a 4 to the binary name, e.g. "kmail4", "korganizer4", "kontact4".
> - Make sure that configuration and data is not conflicting. I'm not sure how 
> this can be done in the best way. Switching to a different KDEHOME for 
> specific applications would be a solution, but I don't know if that is 
> feasible.
> - Provide some import of config and data from KDE PIM 3 to KDE PIM 4 
> applications.
> What do you think? Any ideas how to achieve it? Is it necessary at all?

I hope it doesn't come to this.
If there are KDEPIM4 apps that are cause data loss or *really suck*
then we I think we simply shouldn't build them in the toplevel CMakeLists.txt.

Which reminds me of an idea I had...  we could have stuff like this in
our top-level CMakeLists.txt files to exclude apps that aren't "KDE4.0-ready"


then appfoo won't be built if the distro packagesuse 'cmake -DKDE_ENABLE_FINAL'.

I guess what I'm really saying/asking: we need to put some responsibility on
the distro packagers to help us make a KDE 4.0 desktop work.


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