KdeWebDev in 4.0

Andras Mantia amantia at kde.org
Tue Oct 9 15:13:21 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 09 October 2007, Dirk Mueller wrote:
> On Tuesday 09 October 2007, Andras Mantia wrote:
> >  Until now I was sure that kdewebdev will miss completely the 4.0
> > release. Recently from a discussion on kde-devel, I learned that
> > Paulo managed to get KLinkStatus from there perfectly usable for
> > 4.0 and he would like to see it released together with KDE 4.0.
> what parts of kdevplatform/kdewebdev does it depend on? can we move
> it to another module?

KLinkStatus doesn't depend on kdevplatform or the rest of kdewebdev.

> >  How should we proceed in this case? The easiest for him is to
> > release kdewebdev with klinkstatus only, but for me it doesn't make
> > sense to have a big tarball where only one application is enabled.
> > So I'd like to ask some more opinions, what do you think would be
> > the best in this case.
> we can remove the other applications from the tarball. the problem is
> that kdewebdev depends for unknown reasons on kdevplatform, which is
> blocked for 4.0 as well.

Only Quanta depends on kdevplatform at this moment. I don't know about 
the other apps, KImageMapEditor might also work in KDE 4.0 (I didn't 
compile KDE 4 recently, but I started to do today). I will clear with 
the authors the status of all the applications asap.
 If it's not a hassle to remove from the tarballs those parts that 
shouldn't be in KDE 4.0, I think this would be the best for all of the 


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