[Kde-bindings] Questions About the New Schedule

Dirk Mueller mueller at kde.org
Wed Oct 3 12:22:14 CEST 2007

On Monday, 1. October 2007, Richard Dale wrote:

> Well it all built for me until Dirk changed the smoke/kde/qtguess.pl.cmake
> file.

I synced it with the Qt version, which had critical bugfixes being applied by 
Caleb Tennis a few weeks ago to make it compile at all with Qt 4.3.0. I don't 
believe that anyone was able to compile kdebindings since then because 
qtguess was doing the wrong thing due to a new #define in qtconfig.h all the 

> I think the problem is that the FindQt4 cmake file used by the 
> smoke/qt build sets up a macro called QT_LIBRARIES, but the version of
> FindQt4 in KDE doesn't set that up.

both use the same FindQt4 macro, so this can't be the problem. 

> So we do need different 
> qtguess.pl.cmake files for smoke/qt, and for smoke/kde (and smoke/plasma).


> need to be pretty much complete, and we should only need to test for which
> we are on a Mac, Windows or Linux type build env for the window styles QT_
> defines.

and exactly that was removed because the qt guess script cannot figure that 
out due to it undefining QT_LICENSE_KEY and therefore breaking the build for 
all the tests it runs. 

I really wonder what kind of setup you use because I don't know anyone who was 
ever able to use the smoke bindings. if I ever find somebody then I'd love to 
figure out 


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