[Kde-bindings] Questions About the New Schedule

Pau Garcia i Quiles pgquiles at elpauer.org
Mon Oct 1 17:32:58 CEST 2007

Quoting Richard Dale <rdale at foton.es>:

> On Monday 01 October 2007, Dirk Mueller wrote:
>> On Monday, 1. October 2007, Cyrille Berger wrote:
>> > > According to that, it has not build in almost 2 and a half months.
>> >
>> > Hum right I have disabled plasma, maybe it should be disabled by default.
>> > CCing kde-bindings.
>> I have it disabled as well. in fact I only try to build the smoke-qt
>> bindings. but the qtguess configury (whatever it is good for) runs twice,
>> and 2nd time it fails completely, aborting the build.
>> I've mailed the log already to Richard Dale and I already disabled the
>> smoke-kde bindings (which couldn't be build at all due to a desynchronized
>> copy of qtguess.pl.in), but no result so far.
> Well it all built for me until Dirk changed the smoke/kde/qtguess.pl.cmake
> file.

> I think the problem is that the FindQt4 cmake file used by the smoke/qt
> build sets up a macro called QT_LIBRARIES, but the version of FindQt4 in KDE
> doesn't set that up. So we do need different qtguess.pl.cmake files for
> smoke/qt, and for smoke/kde (and smoke/plasma).

^^^ Wouldn't it be easier to have a single FindQt4 cmake file instead  
of the *eight* different ones we have now?  

> I find these perl scripts largely unmaintainable and they should all be
> removed and cmake-only tests used. The Qt build options for building KDE need
> to be pretty much complete, and we should only need to test for which we are
> on a Mac, Windows or Linux type build env for the window styles QT_ defines.
> -- Richard
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Pau Garcia i Quiles
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