[RFC] KDE 4.0 Release Roadmap

Andreas Zehender az at azweb.de
Thu Mar 15 07:39:46 CET 2007


you have my vote :)

>the niche apps that 
>should probably be triaged to KEG (kpovmodeler, kiconedit, mrml, kuickshow?)

maybe that's not the right place for this discussion, but KEG means I 
have to make separate releases? Or do the distribution packagers include 
KEG in their distribution automatically? Maybe someone can enlight me 
here :)

I don't have the time to coordinate releases any more as I am the only 
half active developer in the kpovmodeler project and therefore want to 
participate in the normal kde release cycles. I'm happy that porting is 
almost finished. Why don't we let the packagers decide to split up the 
packages as SuSE does with the kdegraphics3d package?


Aaron J. Seigo schrieb:

>On March 14, 2007, Allen Winter wrote:
>>It would be great if we had at least a point of contact per KDE module.
>if nobody steps up for the task, i'm prepared to put some stewardship into 
>kdegraphics. my qualifications for this are not the best, but i really don't 
>want to see this module go neglected. 
>that said, i do hack on ksnapshot from time to time (most recently merging a 
>contributed patch for better region selection, then bug fixing and sexyifying 
>said contribution, the other week) so i am involved to a degree with that 
>package coding wise. i also have a good overview of the outstanding issues 
>involved including the okular/liguture/kghostview issue, the niche apps that 
>should probably be triaged to KEG (kpovmodeler, kiconedit, mrml, kuickshow?), 
>which are in need of finding maintainers (kfax, kooka?)
>i've CC'd as many of the kdegraphics maintainers/developers as i could find on 
>this for their acceptance/rejection or, even better, someone else to step up 
>with a better option =)

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