Akonadi Timeline (Was: [Kde-pim] KDE4 Release News)

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Fri Mar 9 16:56:04 CET 2007

This was meant to go to kdepim. Confused by all crosspostings.


At Friday 09 March 2007 16:52, you wrote:
> > So, given the current release schedule, this would mean Akonadi would be part 
> > of a KDE PIM 4.0 as an internal, not-yet-public library and would move to 
> > kdepimlibs at a later release. This would also mean that most (if not all) 
> > KDE PIM 4.0 applications still use the kresources framework.
> Ok, thanks for this info in this stage. 
> That means Mailody can not use it, good to know before I start porting.
> Toma

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