[kde-ev-marketing] [Kde-hci] Suggested release schedule for KDE 4.0

Dominik Haumann dhaumann at kde.org
Thu Mar 8 19:23:03 CET 2007

On Thursday 08 March 2007, Aaron J. Seigo wrote:
> > KDE 4.0 will be reviewed as a Vista competitor,
> that's a marketing issue, and the key is expectation management and clear
> communication about how the development process works.
> > and it would make a
> > disastrous impression if core elements of the user interface are either
> > not present yet or have an extremely bad usability because of a rushed
> > schedule. It would also make a disastrous impression if important
> > desktop applications (e.g. kdepim) are missing from the KDE 4.0 end
> > user release.
> it could be disastrous if we try and tell the world that 4.0 is The
> Release To End All Releases. it doesn't need to be disastrous if we
> communicate the difference and relationship between KDE4 and the 4.0
> release milestone.

this is a very important point Stephan Binner already brought up in his 
blog 'Disambiguation "KDE 4", did you mean "KDE 4.0"?' - see also:

KDE4 != KDE4.0
very few (users?) are aware of this I fear :)

(crossposted kde-hci, I'm not subscribed, though)

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