[RFC] Draft Roadmap for KDE 4.0

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Tue Mar 6 22:12:00 CET 2007

At Tuesday 06 March 2007 21:58, you wrote:
> On Tuesday 06 March 2007 21:45, Boudewijn Rempt wrote:
> > I think that's splitting straws -- it's not important compared to getting a
> > schedule and getting people out of tinker mode and into release mode. 
> C'mon, that sounds like KDE is now a commercial company that promised
> the customers to deliver and now is trying to release whatever crap they have.
> KDE4 with such schedule reminds me classical death march project.
> Sorry, Coolo ;) I can't stop too. Seriously, who wants KDE 4.0 with unfinished
> BIC kdelibs with no applications? Users? They won't care about the desktop
> without applications. Application developers? They don't need a release to
> be productive, just more or less stable environment.
> So my question is who is going to use KDE 4.0 we're going to 
> release in October?

Let's work towards something that is a workable compromise between all interests. We all understand that: 

- kdelibs developers want a freeze as far away as possible, app developers asap
- kdelibs want to freeze after akademy, app developers before akademy

Now lets get back to my original post and tell me concrete what to change to make everyone happy ;-)


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