[RFC] Draft Roadmap for KDE 4.0

Tom Albers tomalbers at kde.nl
Tue Mar 6 17:25:43 CET 2007

At Tuesday 06 March 2007 16:28, you wrote:
> Cornelius Schumacher wrote:
> > This would delay the release. I don't think aKademy is that important to the 
> > release. If a group feels that they need a personal meeting to facilitate 
> > getting ready for the release we can organize smaller focused developer 
> > meetings. The e.V. is able to help with that, if needed.
> I don't know that that would be the issue so much as, it seems like a
> lot of innovative (dare I say, synergistic? hehe) group hacking goes on
> during akademy, it would be a shame for the 4.0 API to be frozen before
> giving those things a chance to happen...

Are there more lib developers than app developers? 
The way I see it, always one group will suffer from a freeze before or after aKademy.


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