Removal of kjsembed from kdelibs

Richard Moore richmoore44 at
Sun Jul 15 17:36:05 CEST 2007

After discussions at akademy, I'd like to propose the removal of KJSEmbed from
kdelibs prior to the KDE 4.0 release. The functionality of KJSEmbed is
basically duplicated by QtScript, and it seems pointless for us to
maintain kjsembed when we have a solution provided by Troll Tech that
can do the job just as well. In order to do this, we need to do a
couple of things:

1. Remove kjsembed and the kjsembed support from kross.

This can certainly be done by the 25 July deadline.

2. Add support for QtScript to kross (I've looked at the kjsembed
plugin and writing a QtScript equivalent should be pretty simple).

This can probably be done by the 25 July deadline.

3. Include some plugins in kdelibs that extend QtScript in order to
replace the functionality it is missing.

This is harder to do by the 25 July deadline but could be omitted (or
released separately if necessary).

I've already implemented the basics of the plugins, so that scripts
will be able to create dialogs etc. using ui files, though I think the
api I currently offer to scripts needs a little more thought.

I covered the details behind the reasoning for these changes in my akademy



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