the "gamma" proposal - details that need working out

Tom Albers tomalbers at
Tue Jul 10 09:43:46 CEST 2007

At Tuesday 10 July 2007 07:25, you wrote:
>  but the reality is much simpler and clearer:
> - to do Mountainview we need a date set in stone.
> - to do KDE 4.0 properly, we need to the ability to say if needed "we have 
> showstoppers, we can't release for another 2 weeks"
> this causes a problem. and marketing can not, should not and will not drive 
> our technology program and schedules. therefore, the idea is to have 
> a "gamma" which is "4.0 as we see it, but it's not officially announced to 
> the world yet". 

I don't agree here. If you call it 'gamma' it will be asociated with the release cycle. 23 october is tagday for KDE4.0 and that's where this cycle ends (if not delayed). Of course you can call it 'KDE4.0 for Early Birds', 'KDE4.0 Limited Edition' or something. That's none of my business of course. As long as it is released ;-)

So, the marketing team wants to make a schedule for the three months after the 4.0 release and plan 4.0.1 or 4.0.2 around mountainview. I think it's to early to make a final plan, so I guess they should go ahead and we fill in the months after the Limited Edition is out.

> we encourage distros, users, etc to use it, but this lets us 
> start organizing, say, 1 month in advance of release for a big release event 
> 3 months later (so 2 months after release if everything goes perfectly).
> the side benefits (e.g. stabilization, additional porting, blah blah blah) are 
> just that: side benefits.

Thanks for clarifying that, I thought I was going mad.

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