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Fri Jan 26 02:19:26 CET 2007

hi all...

i'd like to volunteer to set up an area on the dev wiki[1] where we can have 
the following set of information for a start:

- a matrix of the svn modules (kdelibs, kdepimlibs, kdebase, kdeedu, etc) 
noting their scope and current release manager. i'll create the matrix with 
mostly blank areas and then each of us can fill in our own bits, leaving us 
with the blanks. when a release is set to roll, we can then use this same 
matrix to record status.

- outstanding application requests. this would let us keep track of issues in 
our modules such as okular/ligature, gwenview, etc... my concern is that 
right now i'm keeping most of these things in my own head and taking action 
when it seems there is consensus. this is an amazingly brittle process and it 
gives me the willies.

- 4.0 release milestone targets? this might be more appropriate on the 
Schedules pages, but it has occurred to me that a scratch area to record 
less-than-final-but-generally-gained-consensus-on-this-list milestones

in your opinion, is this is a good idea, unnecessary, a really stupid idea?

[1] ? i debated 
putting it on the policies page, but i'm not sure that's the best place for 
it; what do you think?

Aaron J. Seigo
humru othro a kohnu se
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