Shipping a cursor theme with KDE

Riccardo Iaconelli riccardo at
Sat Dec 29 01:06:09 CET 2007

On Friday 28 December 2007 11:34:30 pinheiro wrote:
> > Yes, but freeze is freeze, and applies equal to everything, art and code,
> > we are just allowing new icons because they are started but not finished
> > and we don't want to ship a half-done icon set.
> >
> > In your case this is not started, so i do not really see a reason why it
> > should go in.
> >
> > Wait for 4.1
> >
> > Albert
> not being extremly neet picking but cursors are icons 2...
> but hey no harm no foul :)
> The main reson this went in so late was couse ricardo was working in other
> code wise areas of kde.

Like the splashscreen, hu? ;-)

> There are loads of significant changes code wise and art wise goin in as we
> speack. Some vastly supirior on how they afect the look and experience of
> the user....

So, things sucks a bit, because I could have presented them one month ago, or 
even before (I've been working on them since june) and I haven't just because 
of a misunderstanding with sebas. I talked with him and after that 
conversation I thought that cursors could have even gotten in 1 day before 
the tagging, because they were totally exempt by this kind of freezes. =)

Well, it's ok, the theme is great now, that's what really matters, not waiting 
one or two days to see them in KDE. =)

Apologizes for the tone, and thanks Albert for your mail, now I understand 
your point.
So, now I'm perfectly fine with waiting for 4.0.1 or 4.1, I'm fine with 
releasing them with 4.0, and I'm fine with releasing them separately until 
the inclusion in KDE.
Mauricio has actually a very good story to be sincere, and for this I'll let 
others decide on this, being me too much implicated in this story.

I'm perfectly fine with whatever you guys will decide. =)

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