Shipping a cursor theme with KDE

Kevin Ottens ervin at
Wed Dec 26 19:02:22 CET 2007

Le jeudi 27 décembre 2007, Anne-Marie Mahfouf a écrit :
> This is a request for including new artwork for 4.0, a new cursor
> theme (which cannot break anything)

Actually it's a wrong assumption, especially in the case of cursors which 
could trigger bugs in video drivers (already happened to me in the past, 
having nice artifacts on screen).

> ----------  Forward  ----------
> Subject: Shipping a cursor theme with KDE
> Date: Tuesday 25 December 2007
> From: Riccardo Iaconelli <riccardo at>
> to: kde-core-devel at
> to enforce a consistent user experience in KDE 4, we, the Oxygen team,
> would like to ship an Oxygen cursor theme along with KDE. This would be the
> first time this happens, as far as I know, that we ship a cursor theme with
> KDE. All the basic cursrors are done [1][2][3]. They should be also be used
> as default, at least in a default KDE installation.
> A little disclaimer, they're being developed in git as me and dmiller, the
> only ones working on it, feel much more confident with it, but we're ready
> to move to SVN as soon as we're finished, or whenever needed. =)
> Is this feasible? What you think of that?

Personally I'm against this entering for 4.0, and that for several reasons:
1) We got too many exceptions already

2) This one comes particularly late in the cycle, and had no testing in user 
setups so we don't know if it triggers something odd somewhere (see my first 
paragraph). I guess we're pushing the limits a lot with the compositing and 
plasma already, no need to add one more potential issue at the last minute.

2bis) It's related to testing and user feedback... But anybody knows how it 
look in a default KDE4 setup? In the whole session? The default is very 
white-ish with almost no contrast and outline, it could be considered as 
close to invisible on a window with the Oxygen widget style by many people. 
Just toyed a bit with it so I can't be sure, I'd need to use it at least a 
couple of weeks to have a clear opinion here.

3) If you look at it it's not even finished, that'd mean "yet another 
unfinished thing we promise to finish in time" entering the release...

4) On a more social aspect, it's giving the wrong signal to people. We had a 
lot of special cases and exceptions in the release cycle. That would mean one 
more of those, although I could understand exceptions for plasma and to some 
extend to the oxygen widget style because they were announced as something we 
wanted in the release and as showstopper... This one is just not a 
showstopper, and pops up at the last minute.

I'm all for it in 4.1, once it's finished... but targetting 4.0 just looks 
irresponsible for me.

Kévin 'ervin' Ottens,
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