Modules and Maintainers

Anne-Marie Mahfouf annma at
Wed Dec 19 03:02:07 CET 2007

Le Tuesday 18 December 2007 01:10:22 pm Thomas Zander, vous avez écrit :
> KOffice doesn't have a maintainer, and there are various apps that are
> unmaintained (and buggy).
> KoShell and Kugar come to mind...
> Various filters suffer the same fate.
> I also have pity on anyone that tries to be the maintainer, I tried to
> maintain various bits but lets just say I have gained a deep respect of
> coolo (and the thickness of his hide ;)..
A module maintainer is not someone who will maintain all unmaintained stuff!!! 
Nobody would want to do that.
As Cyrille said, boud is KOffice module maintainer, getting people opinions 
for the schedule and making KOffice betas out and things like that. For 
KOffice there's even more work than for an ordinary module. For a normal 
module, the module maintainer (I prefer coordinator) is mainly the person who 
tries to get a view of the whole module: what is maintained, what is not, 
make sure people are aware of the release steps, the freezes (easier in 
amodule where there's a mailing list for all devels, maybe kdesdk should get 
one). Ultimately it'll lead to ease the release process which is all on one 
Dude's shoulders and maybe it'll allow more independance for modules.

The module maintainer should get a general opinion on what to do about 
unmaintained apps if he can and maybe try to publicize the work to be done. 
The maintainer is mainly a bridge between KDE and the various apps devels.

Having a wiki page with unmaintained apps will help making module decisions 
and getting maintainers. Now that KDE 4 dev platform is stabilized, it's the 
perfect time to do so!
Let's get this done, where? (I am notoriously bad in creating wiki pages but 
once it's created, I'll fill it at my best).


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