GStreamer backend on kdebase

Sebastian Kuegler sebas at
Sat Dec 15 11:30:25 CET 2007

On Saturday 15 December 2007 11:07:02 Thomas Zander wrote:
> I think that is the bottom line here is; do we want phonon to work for a
> bigger chunk of people or not? Having more backends seems like a good
> thing to me...

That is entirely not the point here. We're months past features freeze, we'll 
tag 'final' in 4.0. It is just too late to add new code at this point when it 
doesn't fix a showstopper.

At the very least, adding it to trunk/ should be decided by Matthias, k-c-d 
and/or release-team, not inside TT (nor any other company).

I understand that it has been inadvertently importing it into trunk/, so this 
seems to be a non-issue.
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