What to do about the newssl branch?

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Wed Dec 12 20:15:18 CET 2007

On Wednesday 12 December 2007 13:14:27 Sebastian Kuegler wrote:
> On Wednesday 12 December 2007 18:47:15 Allen Winter wrote:
> > Please see Andreas Hartmetz's message in kde-core-devel
> > entitled "Request to merge the newssl branch".
> >
> > Nobody has responded to the message yet.
> I'm not in the position to judge, unfortunately. If there are no known 
> regressions that this branch introducses, we should probably merge it ASAP as 
> it fixes regressions in our core components. Or course we never know, but I 
> don't know how intrusive this code is anyway. Thiagos judgement is probably 
> very valuable here. Some testing beforehand would obviously be needed though.
> The later we merge it (if we decide to do so), the less time we have to fix 
> possible problems.
> > But we should make a quick decision.
> > Merging the branch might give us the possibility of releasing
> > KMail (and of kdepim) in 4.0.  
> That'd be awesome. I take it that there are no other showstoppers in PIM then?

I don't want to give the impression this would remove the only showstopper in KDEPIM.
Even with the fixes from newssl, I very much doubt KDEPIM would be in releasable state by early Jan.
So.. let's not base the decision solely on how it affects KDEPIM.


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