What to do about Kompare?

Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Mon Dec 10 23:50:21 CET 2007


Kompare currently isn't being built in kdesdk.
In fact, the kdesdk/CMakeLists.txt file has this line:

MESSAGE(STATUS "Kompare from the branches/work/kompare/3-way-kompare will replace \
this version, so do not spend too much time on getting this version to work as it will be replaced.")

In Bug 153463 [1], Kevin Kofler provides some patches to make the current Kompare code
in kdesk compile (and work, I guess).  I haven't tested the patches myself.
In the past few days he even provides patches to forward port stuff from the 3-way-kompare
branch to kdesdk/kompare.

Separately, Maksim told me that the 3-way-kompare branch hasn't been touched in
almost 2 years.

In [1], I ask Kevin if he wants to take over maintenance.  But he never responded.

So.. how to proceed?

Kevin, would you want to take over kdesdk/kompare and make it work for KDE4.0.0?
Else, I guess we won't have kompare in KDE4.0.




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