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Allen Winter winter at kde.org
Sat Dec 8 21:05:41 CET 2007

Thanks for the fast response Bernd.

KCalc is all yours :)
Please keep me informed as to the GMP issue.

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Subject: RE: KCalc's Future
Date: Saturday 08 December 2007
From: Bernd J Wuebben <bernd at wuebben.com>
To: 'Allen Winter' <winter at kde.org>

Hi Allen, 

I wrote KCalc during a period of perhaps 2 weeks in the spring of 1997
shortly after we founded KDE. While I have contributed many more
applications to KDE I have not worked specifically on KCalc since then. Over
the years various kind individuals have looked after KCalc, making sure it
would compile with newer versions of KDE. Unfortunately, I personally have
no time nor am in a position (Development environment etc) to look after
KCalc. If David Johnson is currently helping KCalc to grow with KDE then
David Johnson is fully entitled to decide what to do with KCalc.


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Subject: KCalc's Future

Hi Bernd,

You are listed in kdeutils/AUTHORS as the maintainer for KCalc.

Speaking for the KDE 4 Release Team.. I am wondering what
your plans are for KCalc in KDE4.   There has been a lot of
mail going on in kde-core-devel discussing some critical
issues with KCalc and we haven't heard from you.

In the meantime, David Johnson has volunteered to give it some love.

But we need a KCalc maintainer. 
So, how should we proceed with KCalc and the KDE4.0 release?



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