Release dates/nomenclature

Allen Winter winter at
Tue Aug 28 23:51:50 CEST 2007

On Tuesday 28 August 2007 6:06:09 pm Jason Harris wrote:
> Hello,
> On Monday 27 August 2007 15:54, Troy Unrau wrote:
> > So, I've brought this proposal up once before, but here it is again
> Is it too early to declare consensus on this?  The proposed schedule (as 
> revised by Allen) seems like a good plan to me.  I think it's important that 
> the 4.0 release is well received, and I don't think people will be convinced 
> by the "4.0.0 != 4.x" line.  

I want to revise my revised proposal.  :)

I think we should add a small list of minimum requirements that
must be met before we go into the Release Candidate cycle.
One such list might be:
 - a functional workspace (i.e. Plasma)
 - oxygen style working
 - konqueror working
 - dolphin working
 - sound working
 - kmail working
 - kate working

"working" doesn't mean "bug free"; it means no known "grave bugs".
"working" means using it doesn't make you want throw your computer out the window.

This might mean 6 Betas.  Who knows?
Having a minimum requirements list will help us concentrate on the areas
that really need attention.  For example, KMail is hurting because KSSL needs work.


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