KDE 4.0 Message Freeze Date?

Cornelius Schumacher schumacher at kde.org
Sat Aug 4 22:57:13 CEST 2007

On Saturday 04 August 2007 22:14, Tom Albers wrote:
> Op za 4 aug 2007 21:51 schreef u:
> > On Saturday 04 August 2007 18:22, Allen Winter wrote:
> > > When would be a good time to have the message freeze?
> >
> > If we go with the current planning of release and announcement, I guess
> > it would make sense to plan the message freeze relative to the launch
> > event at Mountainview (which probably will be mid or end of January).
> So, the plan is not to release oct 23rd ? I mean, if we want to make a
> release around that date, a message freeze in Januari is... weird. I guess
> I'm missing something here.

No, the plan is to release October 23rd, but the big official announcement and 
launch event is in January. So it might be good to plan to have a translated 
version of the desktop in January and not in October (thus planning 
_relative_ to January, not having the freeze in January).

This would make it possible to move the message freeze to a later date (say 
November). It obviously would also mean that the 4.0.0 release (which happens 
in October) wouldn't be translated that well, but I guess that would be ok, 
given that the focus of 4.0.0 is the platform and not the desktop. The 4.0.x 
release which is current at the launch event of course should be translated 
as well as possible.

Cornelius Schumacher <schumacher at kde.org>

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