Feature Freeze

Jason Harris kstars at 30doradus.org
Thu Aug 2 19:15:02 CEST 2007


On 7/13/07, Allen Winter <winter at kde.org> wrote:
> According to the current plan we are scheduled for the
> Application Feature Freeze to start on 25 July (12 days from now).
> That doesn't seem realistic to me.
> Should we move the feature freeze to start with the second
> Beta instead (25 Aug)? or with the first Release Candidate (25 Sep)?

beta1 has been tagged and released, but I don't think we achieved
consensus on the issue of whether applications are feature-frozen.
What do you think of the following proposal?

*) Applications are now soft-frozen.  New features must be approved by
the module's release coordinator and/or discussed on the module's
mailing list.

*) Applications will be hard-frozen concurrently with the message
freeze (Aug 20th)

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