compiler for KDE4/win32 binary packages

Ralf Habacker ralf.habacker at
Wed Apr 11 21:43:35 CEST 2007

Christian Ehrlicher schrieb:
> Hi,
> On win32 we support two compilers to compile kde4. Because they're 
> binary incompatible, it is not possible to mix mingw and msvc libs and 
> executables and we have to take care that the end-user does not get 
> into this situation. 
I have already thought about this situation and comes to the solution 
that is required to have different installation roots and packages 
easily identifable as mingw and msvc package as already happen for 
kdesupport and qt area of I'm 
planning also to add a "used compiler mode" to the kdewin installer to 
avoid such problems.
This is also the reason for the announced kdewin.cmake  module. It uses  
compiler specific search path for kdewin installation like 
<programfiles>/kdewin-msvc and <programfiles>/kdewin-mingw.

> Also msvc is not supported by the open-source version of Qt4.
Is this really a problem ? Couldn't we made a statement in the installer 
or the download page about this  ?
> So my question is - are there any objections against the plan to 
> release binaries for mingw only?
The situation for mingw is that we have to build a binary release for 
our own  because of the missing qdbus support in trolltechs mingw 
release., so trolltech will not take care about our mingw binaries.

msvc has the real advantage that there is a good source debugger inside. 
I have recognized these advantage in the last weeks while debugging the 
kdewin-installer.  I found it a nightmare to debug a kde/qt application 
using command line gdb on win32 (or I'm to the only one which have this 
problem? ). I believe that KDE development on windows will not really 
take place if there is only gdb in the future. This is the reason why I 
think that msvc binaries will be required.

Sure there are problems with mixing debug and release versions, but 
could this not be handled ? cmake has support for creating debug and 
release binaries and KDE4Internals.cmake is prepared for this or are I'm 
totally out of the way ?


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