[rekonq] some braindstorm

Daniel Korbel masterdany88 at orange.pl
Sun Nov 13 12:28:22 UTC 2011

I am lovin it :P It is really great web browser. Much better than konqueror. 
But I must say that i miss the xclearing button in adress space with is in 
each single kde application (konqueror, dolphin even it can be added to 
firefox), so pleace consider that to add it in next realese.

Second think that I woul like to mention is that I have some issues with 
downloading files and opening it in default specified application.

When I choose to "download" I get kfilepicker started in folder 
It is quite annoying to chose each time directory: 
(it is my folder where I got downloads from all apps, like 
firefox,skype,googlechrome etc.)
Additionaly I would like to mention that in 'systemsetting>>acount 
details>>paths' I set path for my downloads, so way rekonq allways make mi to 
save downloads in Documents directory??? It quite strange for me!!!

When I choose to open (in default application) it usually works great (for 
exemple with microsof office) but some times it makes some silly operation,
so I would like to change the default applicaton, but I cant.
Please consider my opninion.
All best
Daniel Korbel
tel: + 48 503 562 197
skype: masterdany88
gg: 12945948

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