[rekonq] Use HTTPS everywhere

Andrea Scarpino andrea at archlinux.org
Wed Oct 27 16:56:31 CEST 2010

Hi here,
did you heard about that plug-in which steal your cookies? Yes, I am talking 
about Firesheep[1]. Well, a "fix" is to login and surf on the web using HTTPS.
A plug-in for Firefox, "HTTPS Everywhere" [2], does this.

So I ask, since extensions are not supported in rekonq, is there a way to 
'force' HTTPS on rekonq? If yes, how?

[1] http://github.com/codebutler/firesheep/downloads
[2] https://www.eff.org/https-everywhere

Go rekonq and thanks!

Andrea Scarpino
Arch Linux Developer

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