[rekonq] flickering with tab previews

Lionel Chauvin megabigbug at yahoo.fr
Mon Mar 22 10:18:09 CET 2010

Le Vendredi 19 Mars 2010 13:14:49, Johannes Zellner a écrit :
> Hi,
> I'm not sure if this is due to my Qt/KDE theme, but I'm using the default
> for 4.4 and it happens on both of my machines.
> If the mousepointer is at the very bottom of the tab item, the preview is
> shown and since the mousepointer is over the preview then, it is hidden
> again, the shown again, .....
> I attached a small patch to solve this. I know that it doesn't look that
> nice anymore but the bug is also annoying.
> Cheers,
> Johannes
I think it should be fixed in an other way.
The preview should not be displayed two consecutive time.

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