[rekonq] bug #237390

Yoann Laissus yoann.laissus at gmail.com
Sun Jun 6 23:59:58 CEST 2010

slotBookmarkChanged() needs to be called every time the changed()
signal is emitted. It's not only a string problem because each
bookmarks are stored in their own KBookmarkAction and needs to be
updated to prevent a segfault if the user wants to open one of them :)

To improve the BK bar performance, I planned to load only root
bookmarks in slotBookmarkChanged() and then to load subfolders only
when the user wants to show them. But for this kind of change I prefer
wait for 1.0 because the BK bar will change a lot.

Yoann Laissus

2010/6/6 Mathias Kraus <k.hias at gmx.de>:
> Nikhil Marathe schrieb am Samstag 05 Juni 2010:
>> Hi Mathias,
>> That looks like a good patch to me. A few minor annoyances
>> At lines 10, 125, 138, could you please put each argument on a
>> separate line rather than extending the line so much.
> done
>> line 218, please add a comment explaining why you are removing the slash.
> actually the line was already there, I just fixed the indentation. I guess
> it's just to look better.
>> And could you give a high level overview of what you mean by
>> "UrlResolver::privilegedItem it wasn't needed anyway and I found a
>> good
>> workaround for that". That would make a good commit message to so that
>> someone looking at the code could get a good idea of why it is the way
>> it is.
> well, in priviledgedItem KUrl::host() was called and it was the only place
> where the KUrl was actually used. everywhere else, a QString was sufficient.
> the workaround puts a dot at the end of the entered text and looks if there is
> a match with the whole url. it works also if the dot is already entered, this
> wasn't the case with the previous implementation.
> with the attached patch, I improved the startup time with many bookmarks.
> there is still an issue, that BookmarkProvider::slotBookmarksChanged(...) is
> called to often, especially when editing a bookmark, every time a character
> changes, this slot is called. it would be better to call it only after the
> bookmark editor is closed, but I'm not familiar with the bookmark code. could
> someone have a look at it?
> additionally I added a few comments, removed tow functions, because they are
> now not neccessary anymore and as a side effect I fixed a bookmark bug, where
> the bookmakrs in the root group are not found until the bookmark button is
> clicked.
> regards,
> mathias
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