[rekonq] Re: Rekonq crashes after drag and drop to bookmars bar or anywhere dopable

Felix Rohrbach fxrh at gmx.de
Mon Dec 27 21:53:31 CET 2010

Am Montag, 27. Dezember 2010, 21:38:41 schrieb Panagiotis Papadopoulos:
> Am Montag 27 Dezember 2010, 22:17:53 schrieb Furkan Üzümcü:
> >  I don't understand where I make the mistake. When I drag and drop a tab
> > 
> > from the tab list (you can activate it under tools menu) to any dropable
> > widget Rekonq crashes on exit. When this problem is solved my task is
> > complete please help! >> http://pastebin.com/zFBQwg84
> Does it also crash for you, if you simply create a new bookmark, e.g. with
> the little star icon in the URL bar?

As rekonq also crashes if you drag an url from one rekonq window to another I 
don't think this is related to bookmarks.


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