Weather applet/dataengine: passing on maintainer baton

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at
Mon Oct 21 23:42:01 BST 2019


3 and 1/2 years after I adopted the code for the weather applet in kdeplasma-
addons and the respective weather dataengine in plasma-workspace, to make it 
live on in Plasma5 era instead of being moved into the attic*, I feel there 
are too many other things now which have more of my interest, and I am 
slacking in giving the attention when needed, as I could just again see with 
the windy conditions icons patches.


This includes also any WIP patches of mine to add multi-city support, some 
integration with krunner, integration with the Plasma calendar, a general 
environment/weather report demon or a revival of a Plasma weather wallpaper, 
which have been bitrotting for > 1 year now, with all forecast models 
delivering a 0.0 % chance of any activity in the near future.

I think I am leaving the code in good shape (modern, simple code base, with 
some documentation added, only a few bug reports open*), so it will not fall 
apart the next minute after I turned my back. Besides, I sense there are other 
people around to look after it some more now with me no longer standing by 
(and perhaps even in the way).

(though I remember some more open?)

So hereby I drop the (in-official) maintainer bacon into the hands of Plasma 
release managers, so they can pass it on as needed/wanted.
Thanks also all for the support I had while working on the applet & dataengine 
code, I never felt alone or lost.


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