Stepping down as maintainer

Roman Gilg subdiff at
Sat Jun 2 08:59:46 UTC 2018

Hi Martin,

first of all thank you! KWin is an amazing piece of software and we
owe this to a huge part to you.

Regarding your decision to step down as maintainer I hope you
reconsider though. While it's true that you are currently not as
active as in the past, we still very much need your knowledge and
expertise on everything KWin/KWayland and X/Wayland related. This
holds definitely for bigger changes to KWin or KWayland like my
current output class restructuring in KWin or how there are at the
moment numerous new interfaces in the process of being added to
KWayland by different people.

When I saw there was a problem with stacking up reviews in the last
few weeks my secret plan was to still have you as maintainer of KWin
for the foreseeable future because of your immense knowledge about the
project, but at some point have David and/or me added as co-maintainer
to help with the legwork. Would this be an option for you?


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