Plasma Mobile on the Librem 5

Zlatan Todoric zlatan.todoric at
Sat Sep 2 15:23:09 UTC 2017

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Hi all,

so I had discussion with our CEO and he is of course absolutely in.
To make clear our standpoint - both GNOME and KDE *will* be first class
citizen on Librem5. So there is no favorite between two, but both are
equal in this challenge.

That said, looking in general code readiness between two, it would
appear that plasma mobile would be default in first wave of librems (we
are not releasing until one DE is ready for it and we will also not wait
for other DE to be ready but gradually add it). There is some discussion
in terms of offer - do we want to offer Librem5 with choice of having
Plasma or GNOME or do we have both right away inside (maybe to heavy for
such device)  so users can pick during boot-up?

Also, while currently we are offering PureOS with GNOME as default on
Librem13/15, I think there is future for KDE as desktop offering by
default as well (also as an option PureOS GNOME and PureOS Plasma/KDE)
because the convergence might be very interesting choice for many users
and your desktop is very modular for fine tweaking.

Now that is said - what suggestion do you have for a meeting around
promoting collaboration between Purism and KDE regarding Librem5?
Videoconferencing or async via mail? Other tools? I would add to the
discussion our CEO, CMO and Director of Creative.

Happy hacking,

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