Plasma 5.10 Frameworks version problem

David Edmundson david at
Fri Apr 28 15:22:16 UTC 2017

What's the minimum version of frameworks we can use in Plasma 5.10?

The schedule currently is:
2017-05-06: Frameworks 5.33 gets tagged
2017-05-11: Plasma 5.10 beta is tagged && released
2017-05-13: Frameworks 5.33 comes out
2017-05-25: Plasma 5.10 is tagged

With the current schedule we can't use frameworks 5.33 in Plasma 5.10 beta
as it will have an unreleased dependency.

With frameworks 5.32:

1) Kwin won't compile (the popupDone code)

2) Half of plasma won't load.  New QML api was added in units:
This is used in icon applet, trash, folderview compact, kicker,
showdesktop, minimizeall

The worst part about the latter is that you can't see the problem when you
compile :/

We can either:
 revert/ifdef those changes
 shuffle something above

Looking forwards, can we try to get the beta release in week 3 of the month
as we always end up in this situation.

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