[KWin Quest. - Update] - KWin authorize external docks to manipulate tasks and windows

Marco Martin notmart at gmail.com
Mon Apr 24 14:59:31 UTC 2017

On Saturday 22 April 2017, Michail Vourlakos wrote:
> Just a few statements from the Latte developement team...
> We try to use only kde frameworks and plasma libraries, and this is a
> strict design decision for us as we are calling ourselves kde. We dont
> want to break kwin experience in any means, if that happens we consider
> it a bug and regression that should fixed. The Latte code stays
> intentionally close to plasmashell in many parts and we dont hide it,
> there is plasma devs blood and commitment that we are using in many
> parts of our code and we are grateful for this (this helps us to follow
> bug fixes of course and discover bug fixes faster that influence both
> project).

glad to hear

> In the very rare case that we want something to be added in kwin, we
> will communicate first the plasma devs and if they want that feature we
> will implement it first for plasmashell.

thanks, and on the other way, significant changes in plasma-kwin protocols (not 
likely but definitely possible) will be discussed and communicated here as well

Marco Martin

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