[kio-extras] [Bug 376344] cant write to smb shares which has write access

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Sun Apr 23 17:26:08 UTC 2017


--- Comment #15 from mathojojo at gmail.com ---
Thank you, I use a workaround too : I use ftps ;)

But using a workaround is not a deal. And I really think that a network
protocols should have a high priority in a DE. More and more NAS, multimedia
servers ... are making use of :
- SMB (bad implementation on KDE)
- NFS (not implemented in KDE... incredible, but true....)
- DLNA/uPnP : there was a kio package for that, but I never successed to use it

It's really not serious for a DE. I don't know how all of this is working on
Gnome (never tried, because I'm an early fan of KDE, and plasma), but network
protocols are a just weak and poor on KDE, and it's a big anomaly.

I still hope a developper will fix it (and if he could work on NFS, and
DLNA/uPnP .... would be great)

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