[Powerdevil] [Bug 378445] kscreenlocker_greet occasionally freezes in malloc in signal handler

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Fri Apr 21 16:55:33 UTC 2017


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How on Earth do we get from:

#7  0x00007f4f607cd097 in QDBusUtil::isValidBusName(QString const&) () from


#4  0x000000000040c65e in ScreenLocker::UnlockApp::setLockedPropertyOnViews
(this=<optimized out>) at

isValidBusName is just a string check making sure it's "foo.bar.blah" It can't
call or emit anything, no nested event loops or anything.

The ony thing this means is that we have a corrupt backtrace.

This could be beause the debug symboles were installed badly and refer to a
different version - or we have some code smashing the stack. 

Also note that the two backtraces are actually different. The first is in
QDBusServiceWatcher::QDBusServiceWatcher, which the second isn't in.

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