[Plasma Workspace Wallpapers] [Bug 379003] Wallpaper "Picture of the Day" from National Geographics only changing after reboot or not at all.

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Thu Apr 20 20:56:19 UTC 2017


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I run live-git plasma and frameworks via the gentoo/kde overlay, and saw this
on the plasma-devel list, which I follow.

The NatGeo PotD module seems to be broken, ATM, and doesn't work for me either.

AFAIK, the change is on the NatGeo side, probably either a change to their POTD
URL/page so the plasma natgeo-potd module doesn't pick it up any longer, or
possibly it's their firewall interpreting all these automated update queries as
abuse and blocking them based on for instance number of queries within N hours
from the same IP address (would still work for new users for a short time), or
on useragent (would be broken for all plasma users), or something else from the
queries they can log and block.

I hope it can be updated to fix the problem, but if it is indeed a NatGeo
firewall block, any fix is likely to be temporary, unless it's actually
coordinated with the NatGeo website folks.

But FWIW, the bing PotD is now working.  When I first noticed it, attempting to
select and apply would crash plasmashell and attempting to restart would would
only crash it again, until the config file was manually edited to point to
something other than the bing potd.  I saw a recent commit that said it should
fix that, and indeed, now the bing potd actually works.  =:^)

Well at least you know it's not only you, now.

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